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'There is no compression algorithm for experience.' Wernel Wogels, CTO @ Amazon.

'Because of the web, opportunity doesn't rely on what you look like, where you live or how much money you have.' Missão do

MexApi featured @getgrav

Today I was looking at MexApi's analytics when a spike in the figures immediately came to my attention. I went down to the traffic sources to investigate it further and to discover that most of the visitors were coming from twitter. A search for 'mexapi' there quickly led me to this:

Wow! Thank you @getgrav folks for this lovely mention.

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'Well, Elliott is pretty fucking nuts.' @GldRush98 no reddit, sobre o Elliot Alderson (Mr. Robot) usar Emacs.

'Não quero nem saber quem jogou a água.
Eu quero é passar o rodo!' Escrito por uma tal de 'Tatiii' no banheiro de um pé sujo qualquer do bairro de Perdizes, SP.

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