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“Only the curious have something to find.” Unknown

My name is Deny Dias (a.k.a. @denydias). I build software and services for humans.

In a sentence: I'm what people call a full-stack software developer, a DevOp or whatever the hype word for someone who masters the whole tech cycle may be.

I'm a specialist at software design, specification, development, deployment and the life-cycle of mission critical operations, both on-premise and in the cloud. I have a solid career in streaming media and digital asset management segments, with emphasis on massive content acquisition, processing, storage, reuse and distribution. I also have huge experience with many IT infrastructure related areas.

My (non-exhaustive) skill set at a glance:

  • Software Project Management:
    • Talk to human beings to understand their needs on any given system.
    • Translate that needs into detailed specifications for developers.
    • Manage the conversion of specifications into software deliverable.
    • Keep a project on track for schedule, cost, scope and quality baselines.
    • Develop resource and human friendly solutions to complex problems.
  • Development:
    • Write good code in Bash, PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, Lua and others less common idioms.
    • Understand and apply proper software design patterns for a given problem.
    • Streamline development, testing, staging and production cycles.
    • Create Docker images and deploy its derived containers.
    • Build and run continuous integration for software.
    • Document code and processes for tech people.
    • Leverage RESTful APIs and JSON power.
    • Transcode tons of data into whatever.
    • Stand for DVCS adoption.
  • On-Premise Operation:
    • Develop and implement security aware operations.
    • Design, deploy and run IT operation processes.
    • Work with lots of data coming back and forth.
    • Deal with mission critical systems.
    • Integrate many different systems.
  • Cloud Operation:
    • Scale systems, both vertically and horizontally.
    • Migrate on-premise systems into the cloud.
    • Make a good use of the cloud services APIs.
  • Time-to-Market:
    • Document tech knowledge for non-tech people.
    • Write marketing stuff about anything tech.
    • SEO and Social Media integration.
  • General Skills:
    • Advanced usage of *nix/BSD.
    • Automate repetitive tasks.
    • Travel (for work or not).
    • Help people (for free).
    • Ride a bike.

This Blog

MexApi is just my blog. The place where I write about anything I judge worth of sharing, spanning from complex tech stuff to everyday thoughts.

One word of advice: I write in Brazilian Portuguese. My native language lacks content in my favorite subject, while there are so many good sources written in English out there.


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